Our objective is to make a meaningful contribution by making great strides to advance transformation and support Black Economic Empowerment. As a new entity we plan to measure ourselves annually and to demonstrate our commitment to improve transformation for the benefit all our stakeholders.

As a proud corporate citizen, GMSA acknowledges that transformation is a key strategic business imperative for us. As a company we strive to serve all our stakeholders in a manner that is enriching. Our commitment to transformation goes beyond simply complying with legislation. It is about creating realistic, impactful and sustainable broad-based opportunities in partnership with those previously denied such prospects.

Corporate Social Investment

Through our manufacturing processes and our support for the communities in which we operate, our number one priority is to build a better society, making GMSA an integral part of the communities we serve. Honoring social and environmental responsibilities as a corporate citizen goes hand-in-hand with managing a successful business.

GMSA’s approach to CSI is to partner with credible NGOs in order to make a difference in the communities in which we operate. Social enhancement and long-term sustainability are fundamental objectives in developing effective partnerships with communities.

Our Funding Focus Areas are: Education, Health and Environment

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GMSA has partnered with local NGO, Footprints Foundation to match a contribution from GMSA employees on the sponsorship of sanitary pads to 100 girls from Ponego Secondary School in Katlehong.

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GMSA is greening the communities of Katlehong, Vosloorus and Thokoza by planting 1000 trees in homes and in 10 schools. This is done in partnership with Food and Trees For Africa where a total of 2300 trees will be planted.

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GMSA has donated 3000 Study Guides for Maths, Physical Science and English through a partnership with Proverto. These are distributed to a number of schools in the surrounding communities.

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We provide support for Maths and Science to schools in the nearby community in partnership with the Adopt-a-School Foundation.


As a manufacturer of value-added steel products, GMSA is a member of one of the world's most sustainable industries. Steel is 100% recyclable and is indeed the most recycled material on the planet. Every new steel product contains recycled steel and in some countries the recycled rate is as high as 85%.

We are mindful of the impact of global warming and the pressing need to conserve finite resources. GMSA maintains control of the resources it uses to manufacture its range of steel products by setting targets for natural resource consumption. Energy consumption and water use per ton of steel produced are being reduced where possible, by means of Capital projects and continuous improvement initiatives.

As part of its Environmental Management system, GMSA aims to continuously improve its operations to reduce environmental impacts. Most of GMSA's operations are ISO 14001 certified. GMSA is in the process of implementing a standard which will apply to those sites that do not have the ISO 14001 certification to set minimum requirements.

An Environmental stakeholder forum meeting is held on an annual basis. Stakeholders invited include local residents and authorities.

Health and Safety

Safety is GMSA’s first priority and one of our core values. We strive to achieve zero harm to employees and contractors. The company is committed to combating unfair discrimination and to promoting opportunities for workers from disadvantaged backgrounds.

GMSA has access to an occupational health clinic located on site. This facility is managed by a Business Unit Manager, three Occupational Health Practitioners, six registered nurses, an Occupational Medical Practitioner, a Radiologist, General Practitioner, and 8 full time paramedics. It also offers onsite services of a Clinical Psychologist and an Optometrist.

The facility operates 24-hours-a-day and provides occupational health care and monitoring of employee health according to the Medical Surveillance requirements. This includes taking x-rays and doing physical, audio, spiro and biological monitoring.

We also provide primary health care for minor ailments, and chronic monitoring and medication for hypertension, diabetes, asthma and epilepsy.

The facility treats Injury on Duty cases, manages a Wellness Clinic that provides, amongst other things, HIV testing, counselling and ARV medication. The Union Junction site has a Netcare 911 24-hours-a-day paramedic response team providing a host of services including rescues from heights, confined spaces and dams, as well as treatment of injuries.

Business Principles

We have clear policies and standards to ensure our employees not only do things right but also do the right thing.

GMSA strives to adhere to consistently high standards of business integrity and ethics. The company believes it is possible and desirable to provide strong returns to shareholders and deliver long-term, sustainable benefits to the communities where it operates. Honouring social and environmental responsibilities as a corporate citizen goes hand-in-hand with managing a successful business.

GMSA sets out to attract, develop and retain the best people – people who work to the highest standards of integrity and ethics. Safety is its first priority and one of the company's core values and it strives to achieve zero harm to employees and contractors. The company is committed to combating unfair practices such as discrimination and racism and promotes opportunities for workers from disadvantaged backgrounds.

The company communicates its Business Principles widely and incorporates them into new contracts with suppliers, letters of appointment and induction training for new employees, and ongoing internal communication with employees.