GMSA has over 800 suppliers and partners around the globe, working across all lines of business and throughout the countries where the company operates. These suppliers form part of the driving force behind the development and delivery of the products, technologies and support services that we provide to our customers.

Suppliers are independent companies that supply goods and services to us and who also work with us to continuously improve the products and processes that add value to GMSA’s operations and service to our customers.

How to become a Vendor

The following steps are required in order to become a vendor with GMSA:

Step 1

Submit your company profile detailing the product or service offering and BEE certificate.

Step 2

The Supply Chain, at times in consultation with end-users, will establish if GMSA requires the service or product on offer.

Step 3

Should GMSA be interested, the Supply Chain may audit that particular supplier and make a recommendation.

Step 4

A successful supplier will be issued a form to register a business on the database.

Step 5

GMSA may conduct a site visit of the recommended suppliers’ premises.

Please click on the links below to download the required forms. (Note: Policies and procedures may change without notice.)

Becoming a Supplier | GMSA General Conditions | No Payment Policy

Send completed forms to: